About Us

About Us & History of Kaniska

Kaniska is one of the oldest and reputed garment shop of Bishnupur in Bakura District of West Bengal in India. Bishnupur is known to the world for it's handmade products. It is famous for its terracotta temples Malla Shree Krishna Raslilla and the baluchari sarees. Kaniska is situated in the Bishnupur Center at Lalbandh, Near Pamananda Collage . The shop is one of the oldest shops selling Baluchari Sareers, Swarnachari Sarees all handmade. Established in the year 2003 all sareers are manufacted in Bishnupur which are Hand stictched. The tradition of creating handmade sareers (Baluchari and Swarnachari) are being done since last 50-60 years. 

Our first shop was at Ward No. 3 of Bishnupur Lal Bandh area near to the temples in the year 2003. It was a tough task to create the reputation of Kaniska but we overcame the hurdles. All thanks to the tourists and customers who had trust and belief in our products and we opened this shop on 26.10.2013. We provide a versatile collection of sareers to the our customers who visits Bishnupur . Till 2012 we used to sell Bishnupur Silk, Than, Tant Print, Baluchari and Swarnachari. 

We create our own manufacturing unit for manufacting sareers and that makes our Saree Quality better than what's available across the market. We try to maintain the quality of the product balancing the selling cost and manufacturing cost.

In the year 2012 we explanded our store to a larger unit and increase the collection at Store. Today we have traditional sareers, tant sareers, more collection of baluchari and swarnachari sareers.

From the owner: Mr. Phalguni Das
"When I was 15 years old, I had the interest todays the saree as those were manufactured in our own house. Between the studies I used to go and sit in the shop and look into the business proceedings. I along with my two brothers (Santu and Mantu) started this shop in the year 2003. Our hard struggle and dedication has paid today and we are now established a good customer base and market reputation. It's a proud moment for us that today we are also an online seller on World Wide Web. We intend to reach our untouched customer base with our collection from the land of Bishnupur in Bakura District of West Bengal. We are would want customers to order online and provide feedback so that we can work more on the negative aspects and uplift our service." 

Family History

Father's Name: Abani Kr. Das
Mother's Name: Shyamali Das
1st Son: Phalguni Das , Wife : Priyanka Das, Son: Smitopam Das
2nd Son: Santu Das, Wife: Somashree Das, Daugher: Anasmita Das
3rd Son: Mantu Das, Wife: Sadhana Das, Daughter: Ayantrina Das